ATHENS, GEORIGA — 3 APRIL 2011: Introduced to the Internet’s sports blogging community in July 2010, The Southern Fried Sports Girl (TSFSG) has become a new voice in the blogosphere. The site’s creator and principle writer, Tanita A. Gaither, desires that through her site, sports fans from across the nation and the world will learn more about that importance of American sports; that “Fandom” and an intense desire to be immersed in sports creates a passion like no other, and drives the American landscape. Covering a wide variety of sports in the 24/7 news cycle, The Southern Fried Sports Girl will be updated as breaking news happens, keeping coverage fresh and up-to-date. Modeling after other top sports news sites like ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, CBSsports.com and other popular sports blogging sites like SportsByBrooks, SBNation, Sports News Nightly, National Football Post.com, et cetera, The Southern Fried Sports Girl is the one site that brings the best of all of these worlds, giving opinion, facts, in depth analysis, and coverage like no other.
We desire to bring a middle ground to all of the extremes that weigh down the varying group of sports fans, from the casual fan to the super fan. The Southern Fried Sports Girl is an easy to use, fun, and attractive site, with links to past posts, other sports websites, RSS Feeds, and links to The Southern Fried Sports Girls social media connections (i.e. Twitter) and other contact information, as well as links to the Press Kit and Press releases related to TSFSG’s most recent activities. Check out the “About Me” section of the site to learn more about Tanita A. Gaither, the sites creator.

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We invite you to visit this new and amazing site, at http://thesouthernfriedsportsgirl.blogspot.com. Please share with your friends by connecting with Tanita on Twitter @southsportsgirl. Thank You!

The Southern Fried Sports Girl
C/O Tanita Gaither
Public Relations Department
Athens Ga





ATHENS, GA — 3 APRIL 2011 — The Southern Fried Sports Girl (TSFSG) is announcing the newest feature to TSFSG blog — video blog posts. This new weekly feature with new video blogs posting every week, they will be featuring The Southern Fried Sports Girl herself, Tanita A. Gaither, recapping the weeks’ biggest sports stories. Besides all of the facts and stats you’d get from other sites, you will get the “perspective from the mind of The Southern Fried Sports Girl”, along with guests who are just as passionate about sports. The announcement was made via Twitter and on TSFSG website.

Produced by SDJ Video Productions, the exectutive producer will be Bradley Jones, graduate of The University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. A resume that speaks for itself, Jones obtained his Bachelors’ in Telecommunications Arts and a minor in Film Studies (December 2010).

TSFSG is proud to have Jones and SDJ Video Productions as part of the team and of The Southern Fried Sports Girl family!

The Southern Fried Sports Girl Biography
Tanita A. Gaither, Creator, Principle Writer of The Southern Fried Sports Girl

Tanita Gaither is a recent graduate of The University of Georgia in Athens, Ga. An avid sports fan and lover of all athletics, Gaither obtained her B.A in Speech Communications and studied Journalism-Broadcast News in 2011. Since the age of 12, Gaither has desired to become a member or the sports broadcasting community, and had always been a creative writer. A fan of all things sports and entertainment, Gaither wishes to convey those messages to the masses. With the development of The Southern Fried Sports Girl blog in August 2010, “shattering the perceptions that women don’t know anything about sports” is what it has been all about.

(Biography continued on next page.)

(TSFSG Biography, continued)
Born May 28 1988 in Covington, Georgia, Tanita grew up watching her brother play footballand hearing of her uncles old high school football stories. Watching football and baseball with her dad gave her some of the first loves in her life, the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Falcons. These passions, along with a desire to communicate the news and a love for journalism drives her to want to become the Oprah Winfrey of the sports broadcasting world.
Tanita Gaither:
It is my hope that through The Southern Fried Sports Girl that I can not only get how much I know about and love sports, but that it also increases the awareness to the sports journalism community that women are here to stay. Women are some of the top broadcasters in our field, and not only do I want to be a part of that, but I want to transcend this profession and will go about it with grace and dignity. Sports is my life, and I want sports Journalism and broadcasting at itsbest to be my greatest accomplishment.

After obtaining her degree from UGA, Tanita desires a career in sports journalism and broadcasting in either print media or television or radio, with the hopes that she will always get to have The Southern Fried Sports Girl as her main site.


The Southern Fried Sports Girl Press Kit
Media Relations
Possible Story Ideas for the Media

New On the Scene: The Southern Fried Sports Girl
Social Media Sweet Heart: Tanita Gaither as The Southern Fried Sports Girl
Best New Blogs: Sports– The Southern Fried Sports Girl

#FF @southsportsgirl #femalesportsbloggers


The Southern Fried Sports Girl Press Kit
Media Relations
Media List
Types of Social Networking Sites Used
Official Site: http://thesouthernfriedsportsgirl.blogspot.com
Facebook: Tanita A. Gaither
– Posts links to blog posts and links to main website
Twitter: @southsportsgirl
– The official Twitter feed of The Southern Fried Sports Girl
– Announcements concerning the site will be sent via Twitter first.
– links to new blog posts sent through Twitter
– Followers must be approved before they are allowed to view Tweets.
– Will try our best to respond to all personal tweets and direct messages (Dms).
Linked In: Tanita A. Gaither
– The professional social networking site of Tanita Gaither
– Connections must be sports journalism/broadcasting/blogging only, with classmate connections being the only exception.
YouTube: tanitaagaither@gmail.com
– Will post video posts on site for others to access all of them in order.
– Will also make announcements on YouTube and link them to the site.


The Southern Fried Sports Girl Press Kit
Media Relations
Media List & Models of Contact
ESPN Communications
ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010
2. Atlanta Braves
C/O Brad Hainje – Director of Public Relations
Atlanta Braves
Turner Field
755 Hank Aaron Drive
Atlanta, GA
3. Atlanta Falcons
C/O Frank Kleha Senior Director of Media Relations
4400 Falcons Parkway
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
WEBSITE: http://www.atlantafalcons.com

4. Atlanta Hawks
C/O Jon Steinberg, Director of Media Relations
Atlanta Hawks – Atlanta Spirit, LLC
South Tower, Ste.
405 Atlanta GA 30303
PHONE: 404-827-3865
WEBSITE: http://www.nba.com/hawks/
5. Atlanta Thrashers
C/O Rob Tillotson or Matt Conti Managers of Public Relations
Atlanta Thrashers Hockey Club – Atlanta Spirit, LLC
Atlanta Hockey Club One CNN Center
101 Marietta St. NW, Suite 1900
Atlanta, GA 30303
6. Atlanta Journal Constitution
C/O Shawn McIntosh, Public Editor
PHONE: 404-526-7003
E-MAIL: insideajc@ajc.com
223 Perimeter Center Parkway,
Atlanta, GA 30346
WEBSITE: http://www.ajc.com

7. Athens Banner Herald
C/O Joel Knight Online News Editor/ Production
PHONE: 706-208-2245
C/O David Ching, Sports Editor
PHONE: 706-208-2239
Athens-Banner Herald
One Press Place
Athens, GA 30601
8. USA Today
C/O Steve Anderson Director/Communications
950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22108
E-MAIL: sanderson@usatoday.com
9. New York Times
C/O Eileen Murphy, Vice President Corporate Communications
E-MAIL: eileen.murphy@nytimes.com
PHONE: 212-556-1982
10. CBS Sports
C/O Marty Kaye, Vice President Communications at CBS Sports Division
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6119

11. NBC Sports
C/O Mike McCarley Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Communications and Promotions
PHONE: 212-664-2014
E-MAIL: Mike.Mccarley@nbcuni.com
12. NFL
C/O Leslie Hammond, Director of Media Services
PHONE: 212-450-2064
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017
PR DEPARTMENT FAX #: 212-681-7572
13. NBA
645 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022
WEBSITE: http://www.nba.com
14. MLB
C/O The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10167
PHONE: 212-931-7800
WEBSITE: http://www.mlb.com

15. NHL
C/O National Hockey League
1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
WEBSITE: http://www.nhl.com
16. University of Georgia Athletic Association
C/O Claude Felton Associate Athlete Director for Sports Communications
E-MAIL: cfelton@sports.uga.edu
University of Georgia Athletic Association
P.O. Box 1472
Athens, GA 30603
WEBSITE: http://www.georgiadogs.com
17. 960 AM the Ref- Athens Sports Station
C/O David Johnston Program Director
PHONE: 706-395-1105
E-MAIL: david.johnston@coxradio.com
or Steven Brantley Web Manager
PHONE: 706-395-1107
E-MAIL: steven.brantley@coxradio.com
1010 Tower Place

Bogart, GA 30622
PHONE: 706-549-6222
WEBSITE: http://www.960theref.com
18. Sports Radio 790 AM the Zone
C/O Eric Tepe
Sports Radio 790 The Zone WQIA AM
3350 Peachtree Road
Suite 1610
Atlanta, GA 30326
OFFICE PHONE: 404-237-0079
OFFICE E-MAIL: zonewebmaster@790thezone.com
19. WSB Channel 2 News (ABC Affiliate) -Atlanta
C/O Zack Klein, Sports Director/Anchor
1601 West Peachtree St NE
PHONE: 404-897-7000
E-MAIL: http://www.wsbtv.com
20. WAGA Channel 5 News (FOX Affiliate) – Atlanta
1551 Briarcliff Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30606
WEBSITE: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com

21. WXIA 11 Alive News (NBC Affiliate)- Atlanta
C/O Ellen Crooke, News Director
1611 West Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
WEBSITE: http://www.11alive.com

The Southern Fried Sports Girl Press Kit
Media Relations – Fact Sheet

WEBSITE NAME: The Southern Fried Sports Girl
SITE LOCATION: http://thesouthernfriedsportsgirl.blogspot.com
It is our mission and goal to report the sports news on a daily basis. The sports news provided will be about ALL major and professional Atlanta sports teams; Georgia based college sports, and all national sports news. Along with the factual based sports coverage, the site will provide opinion-based analysis by the writers of The Southern Fried Sports Girl The site will provide daily blog-post styled articles and weekly video blog posts.

DISCLAIMER: All information, pictures, statistics, and other details not originally from the staff writers will be cited to their original source. We believe in journalistic integrity.


The Southern Fried Sports Girl Press Kit
Media Relations
Suggested Logo Ideas for the Website

1. Cursive script name (i.e. similar to font above and throughout the press kit) and a silver platter, which there will be several deep fried sports balls, still plump and in their normal shape. This can be photo-shopped and placed on the website.
2. TSFSG Photo Shoot: Have new head shots made to place on the website to replace current pictures.

The Southern Fried Sports Girl Press Kit
Media Relations
TSFSG Contact Information

WEBSITE: http://thesouthernfriedsportsgirl.blogspot.com
E-MAIL: tanitaagaither@gmail.com
PHONE: (706)-363-2372
TWITTER: @southsportsgirl
FACEBOOK & LINKED IN: Tanita A. Gaither
FOURSQUARE: Tanita A. Gaither

Tanita A. Gaither
190 Grove Street
Athens, GA 306050



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