This spunky UGA student is THE CCRGs mascot: a cross between a Trojan Warrior princess and a fiesty pixie. I like it!

There are a lot of things I haven’t experienced in my life. I’ve never been to Europe; hell, I am not well traveled at all. I do love sports and have been to as many different sporting events as humanly possible.

On September 29, I added the roller derby to that list of sporting events I’ve seen live. It’s insane. Held before a packed house in the Athens Arena (the night of the Georgia v. Tennessee, a great game, and a victory), the Classic City Roller Girls’ Bad News B’s took the flat track for their last match against the Scenic City Roller Derby. Holding a match once a month from February to September, the CCRGs are underground queens. Everyone their is a character: The athletes, the announcers, the mascot (yes, they have a mascot), the audience, including myself all had something to discover here.


If you aren’t familiar with The Classic City Roller Girls, check out their site! I have to admit, it’s not like what I imagined. These ladies are running past, through, over, around, and under each other. Check out the rules here:

I could describe the action verbally, but I shot video. Check it out here:

Introduction to The Bad News B’s

How To Play:

The Bad News B’s were all over the track. So much so, they beat the girls from Chattanooga by over 100 points.


The match also featured half time entertainment from the Atlanta Roller Girls and the Atlanta Derby Brats, a group of girls aged 7-17 participating in a fun and tough sports.

The CCRGs are members of the Women’s Fast Track Derby Association and has over 160 teams across the U. S., Canada and England. For more information on the WFTDA, their leagues and all the members, click here! The WFTDA Championships will be hosted by the Atlanta Roller Girls at the Georgia World Congress Center on November 2-4.

Check out more my pictures from Saturday’s drubbing of the Scenic City Roller Derby on Spotted Athens here! And check out Spotted Athens on Twitter @


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