Countdown to Kickoff: 4 days to go!

Let’s be honest: it’s not easy predicting the future. Sports writers and bloggers are self proclaimed Nostradaumus’ when it comes to the fine art of guessing how, in this instance, how 13 games could go for a few teams. So trying to predict 10 games for 25 teams is tough.

But that’s why we love college football: from week to week you expect the unexpected, realizing that even the smartest analyst might have been reaching. Thus, I give my overarching predictions, with a brief explanation for those I wish to explain. Also, I will be giving my BCS Bowl Predictions, because it’s never to early to think about the BCS.

The Southern Fried Sports Girls College Football Top 25 Rankings

After studying the released preseason polls, reading media day interviews and the concerns of summer camps, here are my feelings on the Top 25:

  1. Alabama (SEC) — I never dismiss the reigning National Championship.
  2. LSU (SEC) — They came really close, but Alabama really wanted revenge from last seasons’ juggernaut match-up from Oct. 5. I would say it could happen again, but much like Georgia, I don’t trust Zach Mettenburger, no matter how well he’s looking. I think he will be a great quarterback that can direct the team down field so they won’t have to rely on a defense that would sorely miss Tyrann Mathieu. Not saying that without the Honey Badger that Les Miles is out of tricks, but this lessens that Barney bag of surprises. I am sure they will retool. I predict Sugar Bowl for the runner up in the SEC West.
  3. University of Southern California (PAC-12) — Maybe it’s my disdain for the way they broadcasted his return, but USC is still short a tremendous amount of scholarships from their Pete Carroll days. But prognosticators all over have coach Lane Kiffin and returning senior Matt Barkley leading the Trojans back to familiar territory: A National Championship. The addition of Penn State defected player  However, I don’t feel that way. I say a Rose Bowl Appearance would do this group well for their first post season appearance in two years.
  4. Oklahoma (Big 12) — I have faith that OU can rise from the feeling of teams from that conference to greener pastures and dominate. Bob Stoops can truly take advantage of the poor quarterback situation Mack Brown has at Texas.
  5. Oregon (Pac 12) —- The only thing I have to say about Oregon is that if they change their uniforms one more time, I am going to start calling them the Oregon Lady Gagas because they costume change way too much.
  6. Florida State (ACC)

  7. Georgia (SEC) – OK, so where most polls have the Dawgs at 6 and I have them at 7. Why? Because Isaiah Crowell’s departure from team hurts Georgia as much as Honey Badgers’ departure from LSU. Per usual, Mark Richt has a recipe for dessert or disaster: a schedule that does not include Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas but a trip to Columbia against South Carolina and (coincidentally enough) Missouri for the Tiger’s first SEC home game. Believe me, with Tennessee and Vandy between the hedges, it continues to be possible upsets everywhere. I believe Georgia can beat Missouri at home. If they don’t, a win against the Gamecocks is essential to an SEC Championship appearance. Georgia would not be able to beat Alabama head to head, unless this talented team of guys, lead by Aaron Murray, kicks foolishness to the curb and get it done. If they end up 11-1, they still have an BCS bid.

  8. Michigan (Big 10)

  9. Arkansas (SEC)

  10. West Virginia (Big 12) — Joining a new conference, the Mountaineers can really push their weight around.

  11. South Carolina (SEC)– With their running game, this team is actually my alternative SEC team.

  12. Wisconsin (Big 10)

  13. Michigan State (Big 10)

  14. Clemson (ACC) — This team can always bring terror to the wishy washy ACC.

  15. Virginia Tech (ACC)

  16. Nebraska (Big 12)

  17. Texas (Big 12)

  18. Ohio State (Big 10) — Urban Meyer is bound to things up in the Big 10. I still have Michigan winning the conference.

  19. Oklahoma State (Big 12)

  20. TCU (Big 12)

  21. Stanford (Pac-12)

  22. Kansas State (Big 12)

  23. Florida (SEC)

  24. Boise State (Big West) — Mr. At large bid is retooling after a ton of their stars have departed. Let’s see how long they stay in the Top 25.

  25. Louisville (CUSA)                                                                                                             Check out The USA Today Coaches’ preseason rankings here and the Associated Press and the ESPN versions of the preseason polls here, [/caption]

Bold Bowl Predictions: Guessing the BCS Match Ups

There is a reason for every happening, even if it’s beyond an individuals realm of understanding. The reason that the Southeastern Conference has won the last 6 National Championships is because the SEC dominates college football. No debate. Is there a conference that can knock them off the thrown?

I believe a representative from the SEC will be in Miami on January 7th. Who will win? We will see. Here are my picks:

Rose Bowl
Jan. 1 — Pasadena, CA
Michigan v. USC

Discover OrangeBowl
Jan. 1 — Miami, FL
Florida State v. Boise State

Allstate Sugar Bowl
Jan. 2 — New Orleans, LA
Georgia v. West Virginia

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Jan. 3 — Glendale, AZ
Oregon v. Wisconsin

BCS National Champion
Jan. 7th — Miami, FL
Alabama v. Oklahoma

Here are my picks! Let me know what you think!

Tomorrow: 2012 SEC Preview

information used in the article from ESPN, SEC Network, USA Today, Associated Press.


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Kickoff 2012: TSFSG’s College Football Top 25 Preview (Plus Bold Bowl Predictions)

  1. What bowl game do you have LSU in? I have them in the Sugar Bowl personally. I don’t think Georgia will play in a BCS Bowl game. Cotton Bowl or Capital One Bowl is a likely destination for Georgia.

    • The SEC IS SO TRICKY! LSU could easily replace my Georgia placement in Sugar Bowl. In these predictions currently, however, a strong finish after losing to Alabama during the regular season, the Chick Fil A Bowl, Capital One Bowl. Won’t be as strong as last year, IMO. Georgia could really run the table w/ their schedule, so underestimated but deservedly so.

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