In an interview with Sports Radio 680 The Fan in Atlanta on The Rude Awakening, Braves General Manager Frank Wren declared the Braves are “moving on” from trying to acquire Chicago Cubs right-hander Ryan Dempster in a trade. “I think it’s very highly unlikely” said Wren. He spoke of the trade process, in which there were restrictions on the trade that ended Tuesday. He said the Braves are scouting hard, looking at pitchers and will continue to try and pursue one. Dempster, who has expressed alleged preference to the Dodgers first and the Braves second (as teams he would want to be traded to), Braves fans can find comfort that we won’t be a part of his Dwight Howard-like decision making.

On Monday, sources leaked that the trade between the Cubs and the Braves, exchanging Dempster for Braves young right-hander Randall Delgado, pending the veterans approval of the trade. Dempster, first denying the trade on his charities Twitter page, then going telling reporters that he wasn’t going to rush into a trade decision, vowing  look everything over first before I make any decisions and I have time to do that”.

The trade deadline, which concludes on July 31st has already seen major moves in the last 18 hours. With Alex Rodriguez having a fractured hand, you can assume the Yankees will make a classic power move, plus they’ve added perennial All Star Ichiro Suzuki. The Marlins traded third baseman Hanley Ramirez and a left-handed reliever to the L.A. Dodgers for Nathan Eovaldi. In addition to those moves, the most significant in the past 18 hours is Cole Hamels and the Phillies agreeing to terms on a 6-year, $144 Million contract, effectively keeping him in Philadelphia through his prime.

For the Braves, rotational help is still at the core of their needs as this trading deadline looms.

Information and quotes for this article from AJC.COM, ESPNChicago.com, ESPN.COM, The Official Site of The Atlanta Braves, Yahoo Sports.


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