With the three year anniversary of The Southern Fried Sports Girl only a few days away, I decided that it was past time to do something big and amazing with the site. A few weeks ago on Twitter, a foremost sports blogger tweeted to someone along the lines of “If you want to be a serious journalist, either buy your domain or get on WordPress. Real journalists aren’t on Blogger.” While I love Blogger and it helped me open a voice that I knew I would confidently succeed in, I took that advice and I am making the big move to WordPress, where so many of my Sports Blog Nation family, and our home site is.

Still a proud member of the Sports Blog Movement. Once again, I will begin contributing at high levels once my revamping is complete.

So, I feel like I have talked this game before while on Blogger and never delivered. I want to be very clear about a few things. I want to re-declare my love and passion for sports and sports reporting, news gathering and delivering. It’s a passion of mine that will never die, and that everyone sees on Twitter regularly. Here is what else you can expect from me:

  • Interactive polls.
  • Video blogs & the birth of The Southern Fried Sports Girl on YouTube.
  • Guest bloggers and debates, hopefully podcasts.

These are grandious and very big goals I have, but with the amount of time I actually have to dedicate to my pursuits, this will be the best birthday to date. Share with your friends! The rebirth of The Southern Fried Sports Girl is coming!


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