There are a lot of reasons why I am hell bent on becoming a sports writer/ journalist.

This is how I would like to remember A.I.: Baller.

Sports journalists seem to be awesome, really down to Earth people, and that’s a group of folks I can work with. It’s super competitive, and there is nothing wrong with going head to head with people to prove you are the best. When you do make it, after the years of hustling and working your way up, you get to travel and cover the biggest event in all of sports.  Finally, the most important is via this video from Allen Iverson in 2002.
ESPN became an intricate part of my life about 10 years ago. I remember watching this particular press conference with my grandmother after school. She (rest her soul, the best woman ever) asked me, “I know you could handle someone thay acts that silly in front of a microphone”. ESPN airing live press conferences, pre-Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” was something; I always loved the general reaction of people, and A.I. was not holding back.

You can see a collection of those videos here, via YouTube & ESPN.

I leaned that’s the general type of vibe I want from anyone I interview or ask something of: honest, real, and perhaps a little angst-y (in Iverson’s case). He was genuinely agitated that he was getting asked about missing a practice. Now, Iverson has gone from league MVP and scoring champion to being traded from team to team and discontent, legal troubles, a messy divorce and playing ball in Turkey, and possibly in China in the next year. Maybe when he was the franchise player, he could have done more to be in the league. Maybe had more focus? But as his best years are past him, Allen Iverson will always be remembered for his play and for this infamous press conference. One of the most remembered in this era of sports media here are a few more.

Via YouTube:

And my all time favorite, Herm Edwards:

Videos from ESPN, Fox Sports and YouTube. 


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