Yesterday quarterback Tim Tebow was announced as the newest member of the New York Jets. What they didn’t tell us: that Tebow is really, really, really excited. As much as I want to, I cannot hate on Tim’s spirit and his love for football. What I can criticize is why someone who is so well spoken can come off as such a dumb jock in a press conference. Some media people say he handled it well, and he did, but in not the way he spoke. He handles the fact that not one Jet front office personnel was there with him. How are you going to host your own press conference? An ill timed press conference during the NFL owner meetings, where Jets ownership and head coach Rex Ryan were yesterday. Said Tebow about their absence, “I have bosses, too, and they wanted me to stand up here and talk to you all,” he explained, “so I can blame it on them because they made me do it (NFL.COM)”.

How can a newly acquired player be the lone representative for a franchise? Ask Guy Smiley and the New York Jets.

I love the fact that for 32 minutes he said either first or third person and “excite” 45 times. I love that he is already in Jet colors. I am glad he went and saw Wicked  and thinks that him and The Sanchize are going to be best buddies or “brothers”. I love even more that a guy touted to be the back up quarterback got a full press conference like he just won the Super Bowl, and the starter, Mark Sanchez is already playing second fiddle and had a phone conference.

Here is the Tebow Presser here:

And here is a link to Sanchez’s phone conference from http://www.thejetsblog.com:


This trade works out best for the Denver Broncos. VP of Football Operations, Hall of Famer John Elway does not have to give half truthed support to a fan favorite. He went and brought free agent Peyton Manning to Denver so that there would be no question of who is the starter coming into camp, even though before the Manning sweepstakes, Elway professed that Tebow would be the starter going into camp. Elway and head coach John Fox now both have a quarterback with the ARM and the Passion for the game instead just heart. No doubt Tebow has big game playing ability, but he is not they guy to propel the Jets to the top of the AFC East. Here are some quotes from Jets head coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson from the NFL Owner’s Meetings in Florida today. They talk belief in Sanchez, who the starter is, Tebow and his popularity, the team and what will happen if Sanchez struggles (from ESPN): “Mark’s job is to play quarterback, it’s not to be the general manager,” said Ryan, speaking to reporters at the NFL meetings. “That’s what it is. Our decisions are based on the team.” “I will say this: I feel better about our quarterback situation now than I ever have since I’ve been here,” said Ryan. “I’m not going to answer that,” he said. “You’re very persistent going down that line, and I’m going to be very clear: Mark Sanchez is our starting quarterback. Period. That’s it. He’s our staring quarterback.” “Sanchez will absolutely be OK with it — if we win,” he said. “We’re all OK with it. (Receiver) Santonio Holmes will be OK with it if we win. That’s the key.” “That’s a team decision, a trade that they made,” Sanchez said Monday, insisting he wasn’t bitter. “They’re excited about it and so am I. It didn’t really change anything.” “I recognize, because of Tebow’s popularity, (the groundswell) is going to be much more than it would be for a lot of backup quarterbacks,” he said. “I definitely recognized that, but we’re always going to do what’s in the best interest of our football team.” “There are really no negatives to Tim Tebow that I can think of,” Johnson said. “They’re all positives. He’s not going to be the starting quarterback. As a backup quarterback, he can do so many things than an average backup quarterback and actually add to the team in every game.” “We’re hitching our wagon to (Sanchez),” Ryan said. “That’s the way it is.” “I really think Mark is going to have a huge … I really think he’s going to have an excellent year,” said Ryan. He clearly had to think about who he was speaking about. They also sign Tebow three weeks after they give Sanchez a contract extention through 2016 with $20 million in guarentees and was also interested in Peyton Manning when he became a free agent. What this tells me that in a city so large, that the New York Media and the New York Jets are lost in their own turmoil, in fighting and b.s. that Tebow being a back up is big news. The Jets are playing second fiddle to the current Super Bowl Champions the Giants and Mark Sanchez is in no way close to Eli Manning’s status as the cities best quarterback. Tebow to the Jets is an atrocious call. The fact that a guy takes a lot of passes from that extended shotgun that Urban Meyer created for him at Florida doesn’t necessarily translate to a successful crack at the Wildcat offense. With former Miami Dolphins head coach and current Jets Offensive Coordinator Tony Sporano, the creator of the Wildcat formation believe that Tebow will fit into their schemes. I guess crazier things have happened.

Tebow did beat the Steelers in the playoffs last season. Just barely.

Information and quotes used in this article from The New York Times ESPN, NFL.COM, The Huffington Post and The USA Today.


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