Braves 3rd baseman Chipper Jones had his 6th knee surgery on Monday to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee. When asked by AJC Braves beat reporter David O’Brien how he was feeling, J
ones’ response via text messags read, “So far, so good,”  and that he was  “A little groggy.”

Jones injured himself during warm up stretches an hour before he announced that 2012 would be the last year of his career. He has played all 18 seasons with the Atlanta Braves. The Future Hall of Famer is considered a first ballot vote to be enshrined, thought of to be one of the best switch hitters of all time, he is the only switch hitter to hit for over a .300 batting average and hit over 450 home runs. The surgery was performed in Atlanta by Dr. Marvin Royster, the doctor thay has performed his last hand full of knee surgeries, including the repair of the same meniscus that kept him from his seventh All Star game appearance last summer, and repaired the torn ACL from 2010. Information and quotes used in this article from MLB and The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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