From ESPN.COM: Tiger on Friday 9 March of the WGC – Cadillac Championship in Miami, FL this weekend.

Pro golfer and PGA star Tiger Woods withdrew from this weekend’s WGC-Cadillac Championship in Miami on Sunday, sighting a left leg injury as the cause. After hitting a 321-yard drive at the 12th hole of TPC-Blue Monster @ Doral, he called the course officials over to him and withdrew, having to be carted off the course with his caddie Joe LaCava. He initially did not take questions from reporter, but when stopped by a PGA media member from his car, he stated he had a leg injury. When asked which one, he said his left leg.

Just a few moments ago on the NBC telecast, a statement from Woods’ represented stated that Tiger felt, “tightness” in the left Achilles, that “got progressively worse…and did what was absolutely necessary” for his health by pulling out of the tournament when he did, saying possibly that he could have stayed in to finish but thought better of it. An injury that may have been bothering him all weekend, it got worse on Sunday, where Woods was -6 under par before he withdrew.

FROM NBCSPORTS.COM: Tiger Woods grimaces after 321-yard drive on the 12th Hole @ Doral on Sunday.

Nagging injuries to once the worlds’ greatest golfer and challenger to Jack Nicholas’ crown of most majors won have hindered Woods to returning to greatness. This injury hopefully is the exception. With his next tournament scheduled at Bay Hill in two weeks, and the Masters in one month, Tiger Watch 2012 has officially began as Springtime and golf season revs up.

Sources for this article from espn.com and nbcsports.com. Photos from espn.com and nbcsports.com.


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