As I sit and watch Sportscenter, BREAKING NEWS comes across the screen.

According to ESPN.COM, the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA will join their football leagues together, bringing 22 teams across 16 states, if all goes according to plan, to aide in “increasing their chances at obtaining a(n) automatic qualifying bid for the Bowl Championship Series” (ESPN.com). With conference leaders speaking today and the okay from all of the university presidents, this might be the near future of what I like to call big time, professional college football.

This move stems from the invitations to Boise State, Air Force (Mountain West) and Central Florida (C-USA) to join the dwindling Big East, which was just stood up by TCU, who was invited to join the Big 12. The invitations of two of the  three (the Mountain West schools) teams would be for their football teams only, much like the aforementioned super allegiance of the MWC and C-USA are for football purposes only. The invitation to. CFU would be for all sports.

The Big East is struggling to keep teams playing football in their conference, since September’s move of Pittsburgh and Syracuse moving to the ACC and playing all sports in the 2012-13 academic year. Pulling teams, like a Boise State, who has been a party crasher for the BCS for the past few years, and have gone 71-5 since 2006 would be a welcome attraction and more than an at large bid for the school and the conference. It would also welcome more revenue, call for two divisions, and a conference championship. The conference, which has 7 teams, 8 if you count Notre Dame, that don’t either field football teams, or for the Fighting Irish, have a Independent status for their football program. These mitigating factors might make Notre Dame rethink their current status, which clouds the big BCS picture when they are winning. The Big East is even discussing the matter of doubling the exit fee for teams leaving, a chump change amount (for big time college football) of $10 Million. Bottom line —- the Big East wants a 12 team conference, the Mountain West and Conference USA don’t want to lose their big and up and coming members to conferences with agendas and dollar signs in their eyes.

This is a story to unfold, indeed

Information used in this article from ESPN.COM.


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