As I was reading the AJC online and the clever snarkiness that is AJC Sports Writer Jeff Schultz, I read post on his blog that I felt compelled to share with fans of TSFSG.

NBA Commissioner David Stern has cancelled the first two weeks of the 2011 NBA regular season, while he and the NBPA do their best to mimick the NFL lockout of earlier this year and play out their mess in the media at the ire of fans of the game world over. As top stars consider playing around the world (Kobe Bryant playing in Italy) and Miami Heat star LeBron James joshes on Twitter about playing in the NFL (CHECK OUT HIS TWITTER FEED FROM LAST NIGHT, like he can play physical enough to be in the NFL), Stern is recieving more flack from fans and sports journalists than NFL Commisioner Roger Godell did. I digress, here is the link to Schultz’s wonderful post and links to many more on his thought about the NBA Lockout and here is the aforementioned video. It’s from our friends from Taiwan, but no worries, it has subtitles, its a cartoon, and its true. So enjoy!

Information for this article from AJC.com and Jeff Schultz, video from YouTube and NMA WORLD EDITION.


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