This week is the one year anniversary of The Southern Fried Sports Girl, your favorite country girl sports Blogger. It was a year ago today that my boyfriend, my love, got tired of me voicing all of my sports opinions to him like sports were a part of our relationship, (they are, they are basically my other boyfriend, so to speak, but TSFSG DOES NOT condone infidelity) and said:

“Babe, you need to start blogging.”

So, after a a day or two of coming up with a name, I gave life to this portal to my brain. Now that I have finished up at the best university in the Southeast and one of the best on the nation, The University of Georgia (go dawgs!!), I can fully commit to making the second year of TSFSG bigger and better than ever.

Thanks to all of the readers, Twitter friends and fans that I have made, to my family and friends, who are awesome anyway, and to all of the sports bloggers/writers/journalists/broadcasters who always have something to say. This wouldn’t work without you.


Tanita The Southern Fried Sports Girl



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