It looks like the relationship between Texas A&M; and The SEC will end like most things that are played out via the media — just playful flirting.

According to ESPN.COM and The New York Times, 11 of the 12 presidents and chancellors of SEC schools met in Atlanta today, and decided against expansion of The SEC, home of the last 5 BCS Champions, and rejected the option to invite Texas A&M; or any other school for that matter, to the league, “but isn’t ruling out adding the Aggies in the future”, reports ESPN.

According to the New York Times, University of Florida president Dr. Bernie Machen says that the SEC “happy” with current alignment, but ” we recognize, however, that future conditions may make it advantageous to expand the number of institutions in the league”.  The presidents discussed what was needed for expansion—– a team to pair up with A&M; to make it 14 teams — but the current climate was not conducive at the end. The New York Times states, “decided against immediate action on adding Texas A&M; or any other program”.

Such is life in college football, Aggies. Maybe you can seek advice from Missouri about how to run back to the Big 12 with your tail between your legs. Cute dog, though.

Information used in this article from ESPN.com and NYTimes.com. photos from google.com


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