The case of the April 7 theft of small electronic devices from 7 UGA football players from the Butts-Meher Heritage Hall has been solved, and it’s all thanks to social media.

As reported by the AJC’s Chip Towers on AJC.COM the three kids who stole from the building at an unsecured time during “Faculty Appreciation Day”. One of the high schoolers is a major college recruit from Carver-Columbus High School. Deion Bonner, Marquise Hawkins, and juvenile whose name will not be released, were charged with one count of theft by taking, two counts of theft by taking, and three counts of theft by taking, respectively. It is reported that Bonner was a prospective top recruit in the Class of 2012. I suppose the 5’11, 185 pound defensive back will not be recruited by Georgia anymore. Hawkins, as reported by Towers, is NOT a recruit, but his twin brother, the quarterback from Carver-Columbus Marqui Houston, IS a 2013 recruiting prospect. UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson had search warrants for them last week, and arrest warrants for them on Friday. Hawkins and Bonner were booked on Monday morning and have both each posted $1,500 bonds for each count and each charge are misdemeanors.To check out Bonner’s player profile from Rivals powered by yahoosports.com, click here.

Deion Bonner, FORMER UGA recruit. (from yahoosports.com)

So, why were the other two guys in the building? Why was Bonner in the building?

The estimated value of the electronic devices, which includes iPhones and iPods with Otterbox cases, is valued at $1,970. The seven UGA players that had their items taking from their lockers on April 7 are the following: Jamel Allen, Kenarious Gates, Arby Jones, Jordan Love, Rhett McGowan, Alex Ogletree and Shawn Williams. Initally reported as the stolen items value totalling to $1,330, the most expensive item was Arby Jones’ Apple iPhone 4 with a red and black (classy) Otterbox case, valued at $500.

Carver-Columbus is a power-house for football recruiting, including the prized possession of the UGA Dream Team from the 2011 recruiting class RB Isaiah Crowell, and from the photo below, from ajc.com and a UGA football camp from 2010, they definitely know each other. (Bonner is in the middle).

Crowell (left), Bonner (Center), and Jarvis Jones (Current UGA player, right) at a UGA football camp in the summer of 2010.

UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson and from what I have heard this morning on Athens Sports Station 960 the Ref (my favorite radio station, ask my BF) is that these thieves were caught via social media, via their Facebook pages. One caller suggested that one of the friends of one of the thieves Tweeted that he had iPods and iPhones for sale. While some of the items have been recovered, reportedly, others have not because they have since changed hands several times over. Chief Williamson said, “good investigation, people’s involvement and Facebook is always a big help.”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is NOT the type of guy that the UGA football program wants or needs. Nevertheless, why have a normally heavily secured building that you cannot enter without entering a code and a finger scan very open like that, even if it IS for a special event? We remove security like that at UGA?

And using Twitter and Facebook for evil? I don’t know how these guys were raised, but as the oldest of a mom who would punish me for the slightest indiscretion, when you go somewhere, act like you’ve got some  sense!

Good luck being recruited, Bonner! You sounds like Auburn material!

Information and photos used for this article from ajc.com and yahoosports.com 


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