Hey there Sports Fans,

The Southern Fried Sports Girl hasn’t forgotten about you. I think about my baby, this site more than anything. I know a lot is going on in the world of sports, with the NBA trades, the Eastern conference is packed with more start than ever before. In almost a week in the NFL, however, we might not have football in the fall, with the NFL Combine just ending in Indianapolis, where apparently Cam Newton showed out.

And the Atlanta Brave kicked off Spring Training just this Saturday, just as UGA baseball gets their season underway and the Men’s and Women’s teams get ready for the .end of their regular seasons and prepare for their respective SEC Tournaments.

The Hawks struggle to stay relevant in the Eastern Conference, as teams like the Knicks, the Heat, the Celtics and the Chicago Bulls surpass them in media dominance. They made a trade by the deadline, nothing flashy, essentially Mike Bobby for Kirk Heinrick. We will see how that goes as the Hawks stay middle of the pack.

And before you know it, its March Madness, and the first regular season baseball game will be getting started. The Cardinals and Albert Pujos never agreed on a contract extension, so that looms over St. Louis like Chopper Jones’ aging body and extended contact looms over Atlanta. Despite how healthy he’s looked in photos and in videos, he will have all eyes on him. But I am sure he is used to that.

I ask you, readers of The Southern Fried Sports Girl, ask you to keep in mind, and that I am always thinking of you and of sports. I always have an opinion and something to say. School just comes first. I am graduating in August and I have more work to do before Spring Break (which is in two weeks) and will try and blog as often as possible.

I did however just happen to purchase the HTC EVO and its amazing Android networks Blogger app that I am posting from as we speak. So that might make it easier for me to blog and and everywhere. We will see how this goes.

The more in depth, hard hitting news you love from TSFSG WILL BE BACK SHORTLY. To quote a very handsome young man:

Sports comes first, but school is number 1.

I shall return.


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