Georgia Football Head Coach Mark Richt is on Twitter, and naturally, I follow him. Gotta love CMR.

On February 8th, in the midst of finalizing his most stellar 2011 recruiting class that locked up several 4 & 5 star recruits, including the nation’s best running back, Carver-Columbus’ Isaiah Crowell (see post Let The Day-Dreaming Begin! by clicking here) and other potential game-changers, CMR had to suspend leading running back Washaun Ealey indefinitely from all team-oriented activities. The indefinite ban, which includes team activities as involuntary work outs, meetings, etc., is punishment from Ealey not reporting to a punishment run a week before. Ealey, who was the Dawgs leading rusher in 2010, going for 811 yards with 11 touchdowns in 157 attempts in 12 games (added bowl game to that total) (missed the season opener due to off the field transgressions, the early morning hit-and-run, the suspended license, etc.). Rumors have been circulating in DawgNation that Ealey is trying to get out of Athens, desiring a transfer to Georgia Southern, a rumor that Ealey and CRM are denying (for now). Perhaps the impending competition from Crowell and red-shirt freshman Ken Malcome, plus Caleb King and Carlton Thomas has put doubt in the junior’s mind as to where he fits on the depth chart in Athens.

from onlineathens.com (file photo): Washaun Ealey fumbles the ball in the red-zone during the UGA-South Carolina game in September 2010. He did the same against Miss. State in key positions, and games that UGA lost during a miserable 6-7 2010 campaign.

As announcements came of Ealey’s indefinite ban from being with the team, CMR released a statement, and it says as follows:

“We have certain expectations and standards that apply to all our student-athletes,” Richt said in a statement. “We expect them to do things the right way, the Georgia way. If Washaun does things the Georgia way, he’ll be back in good standing.”

So, if he is going to do things “the Georgia way” (which could be interpreted in many ways), is this CMR’s idea of good publicity for the program. Here is a Tweet, from February 8th (*NOTE, there are 2 different Mark Richt’s on Twitter, I follow the real CMR and a fake, this Tweet is from the latter):

Mark Richt
Washaun will be back on the team soon-ish. He’s been lashing out at everyone because Isaiah got a dog and he didn’t. Just a little time out.

Sounds about right.

Sources and information used in this article from AJC.COM, ESPN.COM, ATLANTA.SBNATION.COM, TWITTER.COM


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