When sports guys get together for candid moments, it can get ugly or hilarious, in my opinion.

This instance, or any instance when Charles Barkley is on television it can be ultimately hilarious. Here I give you last night when former SNL cast member and current co-star for 30 Rock Tracey Morgan comes up to the crew at the Knicks-Heat game last night to discuss an age old debate: Tina Fey or Sarah Palin? Here is the viral footage, and note the look on Ernie Johnson, Jr.’s face, priceless:

If you ask me, I choose Tina Fey (not as masturbation material, though). At least she’s funny and talented and intelligent.TNT spokespersons have already released an apology for Morgan’s comments, but they are the ones that let Barkley on t.v., why not apologize for that.

Wait, what am I saying, Chuck is hilarious.


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