It seems that all of the drama with Jim Harbaugh is over.

At least his tie colors won’t have to change…that much (photo from news.com)

The now former coach of the resurgent Stanford Cardinals, who went 12-1 with a win over Virginia Tech in the Discover Orange Bowl a few days ago, and will come to the NFL to become the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, ESPN.COM and ESPN Insider Adam Shefter reported earlier this afternoon. Reports indicate that Harbaugh and the 49ers agreed to a 5-year deal worth over $25 Million, reports Shefter.

Despite his quarterback at Stanford and would be #1 overall pick, Andrew Luck, returning to the Cardinal for his junior year and a possible National Champion and 2011 pre-season #1 (if Auburn gets beat) ranking, Harbaugh, this years’ sexy college-to-pro coach choice jumped to the big time. Throughout the week, he has been courted by John Elway (Stanford Alum) and new executive for the Denver Broncos, and by the Miami Dolphins, who reportedly went to great links to try and court him, only to keep current head coach Tony Sparano. Michigan, his Alma mater, who just fired Rich Rodriguez after three years, were thought to make a move on Harbaugh,  but never made any significant moves in courting him.

ESPN reports that after it was reported that Harbaugh would not be joining the Dolphins, after it was reported that they offered him a deal that would pay him $7-$8 Million a year, a deal that would make him the highest paid coach in the NFL (a report that has since been unfounded), the 49ers contacted Harbaugh to make better offers.

It seems as though he accepted that offer, despite the Cardinals reportedly offered a larger contract extention than the one offered in December.

from google.com

Harbaugh, who was the quarterbacks’ coach in Oakland in 2003 before his resurrection of the Stanford football program when we was hired, was a quarterback in the NFL, drafted by the Chicago Bears out of Michigan in 1987 as a first round pick, and a QB for five NFL teams over 15 seasons.

Let’s see if he can turn this franchise around after three years of Mike Singletary playing around with the position. It would prove to be very interesting, as he joins his brother, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, in the NFL. John, has been the head coach of the Ravens since 2008, and has taken the Ravens, under their 2008 first round draft pick Joe Flacco and veteran Ray Lewis to the playoffs all three years under his tenure.

Excellent choice. He won’t have to move very far away.

(Info used to write this article from espn.com)


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