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It’s official from reports from this weekend that Kansas City Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis has been hired to fulfill the same capacities at Florida. Newly hired head coach and former Georgia Bulldawg Will Muschamp has been busy!

This weekend began the reports of Weis leaving the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs to go to Florida. Those reports became official on Monday. Also, the hiring of more assistance for the program. Additional hirings included that of Frank Verducci as offensive line coach and running back coordinator (former Notre Dame coach and coached same positions in the NFL at Cleveland, Buffalo, Dallas the year Emmitt Smith broke the rushing record, and Cincinnati all in the last 10 years), and hired George Wynn as the director of football operations. Wynn, who for the past six years as the assistant athletic director at Texas, was a three-year starter at Georgia, and a teammate of Muschamps.

As for Charlie Weis, he says he is still committed to the Kansas City Chiefs until the end of the run in the NFL Playoffs. Citing in statements that he has been through this type of transition before (from New England when he was hired to be the HC at Notre Dame), and will be focused in the Chiefs offense.

Florida also announced the hiring of Dan Quinn as the defensive coordinator and the defensive line coach. Quinn has also spent the last 10 years in the NFL, working with Muschamp during Nick Saban’s time as the Miami Dolphins head coach, and has spent the last two years in Seattle in the same capacities.

See, Will Muschamp has been busy.

What does this say for Georgia? That our team better be prepared for a pro-style look on each side of the ball. Muschamp is changing things at Florida and the SEC better watch out.

It’s going to be a long off season…

(sources and info for this site from espn.com, ajc.com, sportsdaydfw.com, thedallasmorningnews.com)


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