The obvious dislike of Michael Vick and all conversation surrounding his involvement in professional football since his return last year has always perplexed me. Naturally, for me, it’s always nice seeing people get second chances, no matter how small, or in Vick’s case, large the screw up. Especially living in Georgia and becoming a Falcons fan large in part to the Michael Vick Experience made me love the game of football. Besides Peyton Manning, Michael Vick is my favorite football player to watch.

It is remarkable how is ability as an athlete changes how the game is played. That’s Michael Vick’s role as quarterback, was in Atlanta, and is now in Philly. Michael Vick’s statistics this year, 21 TDS, 6INTS for 3,018 yards passing with a 100.2 passer rating and 9 rushing TDs, rushing for 676 yards in 12 games, 3 of which he was sidelined with an injury. He has kept the Eagles, after trading Donovan McNabb within the division to a now defunct and failed experiment with Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins (a laughable season in D.C., and a damn shame). Propelling the Eagles into first place in the NFC East with a 10-5 record, seeking an NFC Championship.It even made President Obama call the Eagles owner and praise giving him a second chance, and to congratulate the team on their success.

In other words, I think Michael Vick is making it clear to the world what he wants to do, people: win.

He does not want to be discussed about around a political round table about people who don’t know anything about the potential MVP season he is having. They are bringing up a past that by now, everyone knows about. In vivid detail. He knows he was wrong. But did Tucker Carlson of Fox News really have to go there? Can this man not play football in peace and for the love of the game, and to make a living so he can finish living his life, because frankly that’s the only debt he has left to pay to this society — to be able to live his life! He’s served his time, there are people climbing in windows trying to rape people and can’t even catch the guy that should be executed. I love pit bulls, I have owned them, and I am still disgusted by the things he did to those dogs, but he’s remorseful, reflective, and sincere and has learned from those mistakes, served his time, and moved on.

Let this brother shine and move one! And someone tell Tucker Carlson to shut his mouth. Vick for MVP.


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