It seems that since his playing days are over, the NFL came down “hard” on ol’ #4 with its fine of $50,000 for not cooperating with the league during its probe of SEXTING-GATE.

But, in reality, didn’t this news come out in October? Or was it September? I think the Vikings were still a legitimate team when this all was breaking news.

What this has taught me? Well, it has taught me that the NFL’s sweetheart, Favre, has been coddled to no end. The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goddell, said in his press release that he could not prove, and in his words, “could not conclude” that Favre broke the NFL personal conduct rules, regardless of if he got Jenn Sterger’s number from another Jet employee who still works for the team. It could not conclude that the sexy (if you want to call Slimy the Worm from Seseame Street, sexy) pictures of himself to her was the Old Gun Slinger. Regardless, my opinion of Brett Favre has changed completely in the past 12 months, and its not because of all of this. This, his aging, his terrible play, his normally charming Southern can-do, even those stupid Wrangler Ads have made me, along with many other fans of the NFL wish he would either retire this year, that the Minnesota Vikings would put him on the Injured Reserved list, and that the league will wash their hands of him until he is voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which at this point is looking like me going to Grad School: possibly, but not anytime soon.

Besides holding franchises hostage with his selfishness, and hit or miss performance on the playing field, what has Brett Favre done in the past three years that was spectacular? His performance in the 2009 season, which took the Vikings to the NFC Championships, is looking more and more like a fluke. Today’s “ruling” and $50,000 fine proves to be more of a bad babysitting job for which Roger Goddell is trying to cover up the misdeeds of the bad kid whose parents that pay you really well to put up with his crap. The Green Bay Packers are looking smarter and smarter for not resigning him and letting him retire.

You have to be this hot to report on the sidelines…great.

And for Jenn Sterger, the model who is in the middle of SEXTING-GATE, this is why you shouldn’t get jobs on looks alone. For this female sports reporter, whose hopes and dreams are to make it to professional sports locker rooms to interview these athletes, maybe work for a professional sports organization one day, and want these men to actually have respect for me when I ask them questions. I am not NEARLY as smoking hot as she is, but did she actually have any credentials before she got her job with the New York Jets? Was she just a pretty face to get the interview? Has she set women back years of work to get into these forums to get interviews in the sports journalism industry? Maybe. But, I wash my hands of her, as well. She, and other models who think making a quick buck through guys watching sports, and the executives who put this eye candy in front of drooling 18-38 year old men watching sports non-stop are forgetting that there is a growing majority of women who watch, play, and want to be involved in sports in every facet of its being. Putting women in these positions only adds more of a stigma to sports: Neanderthals play sports, hot, half naked babes are supposed to report it. That’s not how I want my sports world to be.

All that aside, thank you, NFL, for dragging this out as long as possible. We have been waiting with bated breath to hear your weak ruling on this, and it truly is weak. It is my sincerest hope that with your tougher penalties on others for bigger situations, and overbearing rulings on others (such as hits during game play) don’t come back to make you look like idiots. I love the NFL, and it saddens me that to protect yours and Favre’s image, you both look like fools. Shit truly does roll downhill.



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