Breaking news tonight as the Heisman Trophy announcement is happening, now FORMER coach in waiting for the Texas Longhorns and UGA Grad and former Bulldawg football player Will Muschamp was offered and accepted the job by Jeremey Foley today in Austin, and will be announced soon as the new head coach of the Florida Gators.

I guess my Bob Stoops prediction was wrong. He will be filling the void left by Urban Meyer, who resigned after 6 seasons Wednesday, who was 64-15 with three SEC EAST crowns, two SEC TITLES and 6 bowl appearances with three BCS appearances and two titles and was 16-2 against Florida’s natural rivals (UGA, Tennessee and Florida State).

It was reported by ESPNNews and when more details become available The Southern Fried Sports Girl will be all over it.

Will Muschamp with UT HC Mack Brown. I guess he doesn’t have to wait for another good coaching job anymore.

(From UT Photography from AJC.BLOGS.COM searched from Google.com) (Info from espn.com and AP)


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