So, as much as I hate to call it, I think it will be a landslide victory for Cam Newton. I have a CRAZY story that I heard from a buddy that I work with. He says that he went to the SEC Championship game and went to a popular nightclub in Atlanta Opera. One of his buddies is kind of a baller and they were chilling in the VIP section when Cam Newton (who is from College Park GA, just on the other side of Hartsfield International Airport in GA) and several other stars from the Auburn football team roll up and start partying, with several shout-outs from the crowd saying, “We got Cam Newton in the HOUSE!” and other such phrases. Even more telling of how the possible Heisman winner celebrated winning the SEC was that he had a bottle of Grey Goose with CAM CAM JUICE written on it. Naturally he was drinking from it.

This is how I think the vote total will come out:

1. Cameron Newton, Junior QB Auburn
2. Andrew Luck, Junior QB Stanford
3. LaMichael James, Sophomore RB Oregon
4. Kellan Moore, Sophomore QB Boise St.

I think three and four could be interchangable, and there are 926 votes taken into consideration for the Heisman, and the voting public is made up of journalists, sports writers, media members, and living previous Heisman winners. ESPN is airing the awards show right now, hosted by the College Game Day Crew, headed by the AMAZING Chris Fowler, Herbstriet, Lee Corso, and 1991 Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard from Mighican (his portrait in the Hall is my favorite….no one can hate on the hi-top fade! He looks like the Fresh Prince of Football)

The announcement will be in an hour, stay tuned to TSFSG for updates!

*******************************UPDATE:CAM CAM BY A LANDSLIDE****************

The dust has cleared and its Auburn QB BY A LANDSLIDE. Even though he was left off 108 of 926 possible ballots (Reggie Bush was only left off of 8 in his winning, no rescinded year of 2005), he won with 729 votes.

The Breakdown: 76th Heisman Trophy Selection Voting (from espn.com)

1. Cameron Newton   2,263 points, 729 votes
2. Andrew Luck          1,079 points, 78 votes
3. LaMichael James      916 points, 22 votes
4. Kellan Moore                 639 points, 40 votes

Newton’s Heisman win is as dominant as his play on the field, as he’s laid the foundation for having one of the most dominant and spectacular seasons of any football player in college football history. He’s lead an Auburn team to 11-0 and an SEC Championship win and a BCS Championship appearance this year against undefeated Oregon.

Let’s see if his dominance can bring a National Championship to Auburn (for this Bulldawg —-> GO DUCKS! I HATE AUBURN!)

Awkward about the ceremony was the segment about Cam Cam’s dad. We knew he wasn’t going to be there. Why the segment, ESPN? Were all the other guys that boring? You should of just did a segment about all of his scandal leading up to this. That would have been better.


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