Most people wouldn’t expect this from me.

But Pretty Boy Brady has put up another stellar season. It’s hard to hate on Brady (STAT LINE: 257-385, 66.8 PASS %, 3029 YARDS, 27 TDs, 4INTs, averaging 242.3 yards per game, through MNF’s beat down of the NY Jets) he is the best QB in the game this season. And when he’s done, he will probably be the best as far as numbers and rings go.

I CAN’T DENY THAT! Most people don’t believe this, and my family will tell you that after my Brett Favre phase, I was totally all about Tom Brady, especially the season of their first Super Bowl and AFC dominance. I know Tom Brady’s stats.

But poor Peyton. The worst season of his career (ANOTHER STAT LINE: 353-534 COMPLETION/ATTEMPT, 4709 YARDS, 66.1 COMPLETION%, 24 TDS, 14 INTs (6 in the last two games 11 in the last three games, YIKES, four ran back for pick 6’s his worst season in that regard since his first one) he is beginning to show his age (34) in a major way. Most Indy and Manning apologists would blame the deterioration of Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clarke and other weapons being out for the season, and an aging offensive line for Peyton’s grotesque play this year — I blame the fact that Indy’s window is closing — or being slammed shut on Peyton Manning’s fingers.

Manning’s slump can be overturned. He is STILL the smartest man in the pocket and the most intelligent football player in the NFL today, no question. I think he needs another head coach (Jim Caldwell is not an elite coach). Perhaps the fine owners and front office people of the Colts will work on that when my favorite AFC team doesn’t make the playoffs this year, or makes it as a 6 seed, only to be put out in the first round.

Super Bowl loss hangover, Indy? Yes.

But will he be back? You can count on it.

(Stats from ESPN.COM, photos from google.com)


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