(Photo from ajc.com Brant Sanderlin)

Woooo….It’s been 17 days since my last post. Sorry to keep you waiting. Midterms and work have been kicking my ass, but I am back, and ready to give you more of TSFSG commentary I know that you have been missing.

A lot has happened since October 7th, especially in the greatest college town in all of the world, Athens. The Georgia Bulldawgs have began to turn it around, and have won against both Tennessee and Vanderbilt (completing the Volunteer State sweep for the year). South Carolina beat Alabama two weeks ago, proving that titans can (And will) fall, and then got beat by Kentucky this past weekend in Lexington. LSU and Les Miles prove that luck and bad officiating can keep a head coaches job intact, and Ohio State, who took over for Alabama at #1 was defeated in Wisconsin, one of the toughest places to play on the road in college football.


#21 South Carolina 2-2 4-2
Florida 2-3 4-3
Georgia 2-3 3-4
Vanderbilt 1-2 2-4
Kentucky 1-3 4-3
Tennessee 0-3 2-4
#4 Auburn 4-0 7-0
#6 LSU 4-0 7-0
#8 Alabama 3-1 6-1
#24 Mississippi State 2-2 5-2
#23 Arkansas 1-2 4-2
Mississippi 1-2 3-3
Maybe we should bring Terry Pendleton up here to teach our team MVP how to slide. Hurdles are for Track Stars, Aaron. (from Brant Sanderlin of AJC.COM)

In the photo above, we got a new Uga. Uga VIII, or his birth name, Big Bad Bruce (TSFSG Stamp of Approval for that name) was introduced during pre-game ceremonies before Vanderbilt. It topped off a fabulous homecoming week in Athens, when we had Ludacris last Wednesday perform in concert (didn’t get to go, I had to work…damn machine!) lots of stuff, voting, the parade was Friday, and fall weather is making everyone sick, but UGA blew out Vandy 43-0, letting everyone know that Georgia is back in this thing, and trying to win out to make themselves tops in the SEC East. If certain things fall into place, it could very well happen. Sure, it took some time for everyone to get it clicking on all cylinders, but CMR, Bobo the Clown and Todd Grantham City (like Gotham City, for a nice Batman reference) are tightening the bootstraps of all of their players, and things are starting to look up. Now, the fighting Uga’s are preparing for the first of two tough SEC road games, in Lexington to play against the Blue Cats and Halloween weekend, for the WORLD’S BIGGEST/LARGEST/MOST AWESOME COCKTAIL PARTY, and eat some fried gator. If we beat the fighting alley cats, we would possibly (more than likely) be favored for the first time in AGES in Jacksonville. Talk about CMR’s favorite saying “righting this ship”. We are favored by 3 1/2 as of today.

The first BCS rankings came out yesterday, and they are as follows (from espn.com):

1 Oklahoma
2 Oregon
3 Boise State
4 Auburn
7 Michigan State
8 Alabama
9 Utah
10 Ohio State
11 Missouri
12 Stanford
13 Wisconsin
14 Oklahoma State
15 Iowa
16 Nebraska
17 Florida State
18 Arizona
19 Texas
20 West Virginia
21 South Carolina
22 Kansas State
23 Arkansas
24 Mississippi State
25 Virginia Tech

The AP poll, which has no part in the BSC polls, has Oregon as it’s #1 team in the nation. No one will be surprised when Oregon finally falls, as Ohio State did this past weekend. What will be seen is how everything plays out to the end of the season. Many have assumed that Boise State, the very talented and always winning non-BCS school will win out, possibly being undefeated, would be in position to play in the BCS National Championship. Would pollsters choose an undefeated Boise State over a one loss SEC or Big 10 or Big 12 team? What if Auburn goes undefeated? While there are a few months left in this season, Boise’s roll in all of this will determine the future of this bowl season, and I cannot wait. Personally, I would love to see Boise State in a National Championship. If they play as well as Alabama did last year, and other dominant teams in years past, they deserve a shot. Many say that teams like Boise State, TCU, Utah, and the like, do not deserve top rankings because they don’t play the competition that teams in the SEC and the larger conferences play. Well, you also have to consider that if a program the size of a Boise State doesn’t have the resources of a Georgia, Florida, Alabama to recruit baby NFLers, nor do they have the money to pay for series to play bigger schools except for the ones in their region. Regardless, they continue to trample their competition with the talent they have, and have beat not as many big time programs as most national pundits may like to give the recognition. Nevertheless, they win, and isn’t that what college football wants, teams that win, teams that compete? Why is it such a big deal who they play? They are in Division I for a reason: to compete for BCS National Championships, and for the past few years, they have competed and won. Why not vote for them? I would. But, if I were the President and/or A.D. for Boise State, I would move to the PAC 10, beat their teams (which I believe they could, because they would be able to recruit better, more regarded recruits, but like that means anything, UGA has a squad full of those) and national analysts would have to shut their mouths, because they would be getting the exposure, the revenue, and the recognition it deserves.

AP Poll (from ESPN.COM)

AP Top 25
1 Oregon (39) 6-0 1471
2 Boise State (15) 6-0 1433
3 Oklahoma (3) 6-0 1355
4 TCU (3) 7-0 1340
5 Auburn 7-0 1279
6 LSU 7-0 1132
7 Alabama 6-1 1121
8 Michigan State 7-0 1062
9 Utah 6-0 1019
10 Wisconsin 6-1 920
11 Ohio State 6-1 895
12 Stanford 5-1 828
13 Iowa 5-1 768
14 Nebraska 5-1 684
15 Arizona 5-1 619
16 Florida State 6-1 615
17 Oklahoma State 6-0 575
18 Missouri 6-0 552
19 South Carolina 4-2 372
20 West Virginia 5-1 346
21 Arkansas 4-2 343
22 Texas 4-2 267
23 Virginia Tech 5-2 122
24 Mississippi State 5-2 111
25 Miami (FL) 4-2 85

RISE UP IN PHILLY??? Smacked down, 31-17 defeat in the City of Brotherly Love


Top Performers

Passing: K. Kolb (PHI) – 326 YDS, 3 TD, 1 INT
Rushing: L. McCoy (PHI) – 21 CAR, 64 YDS
Receiving: J. Maclin (PHI) – 7 REC, 159 YDS, 2 TD

Matt Ryan: 23-42, 250 YARDS, 2TD 1INT PASSER RATING 78.5
Tony Gonzalez: 2 TDS
Michael Jenkins: 5 REC 99 YARDS 19.8 YARDS PER CATCH AVERAGE 0TD


1. Atlanta Falcons 4-2 overall, 1-0 DIV, 3-1 CONFERENCE, 2-0 IN THE DOME, BABY!
2. New Orleans Saints 4-2 overall, 2-1 DIV, 4-2 CONFERENCE, 2-1 @ HOME
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-2 overall, 1-1 DIV, 1-1 CONFERENCE, 1-2 @ HOME
4. Carolina Panthers 0-5, and it’s pretty obvious what their standings are, so I won’t waste my time.

 The Atlanta Falcons went to Philly to face another bird of prey without Michael Vick, but that didn’t stop the Kevin Kolb (who looks like cross between Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 and the cat that plays Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and the Philly offense from going off, capturing their first home win for the season, and pushed the Falcons to 4-2 for the season. The up and down season for the Falcons offense continue, despite alright numbers by Matty Ice and career milestones from Tony Gonzalez. TG (I like those initials 😀 ) adds to his list as the games best tight end, and moves into sole possession of 5th all time in the NFL’s reception list, and added more stats to his ranking as the NFL’S greatest tight end adding more touchdowns and receptions in that regard, and moved to 12th all time in the NFL in touchdown receptions. Sunday also marked the return of Michael Jenkins, as he played his first game this season, and gaining a career high 99 yards (other stats above).

Next week the Dirty South High Flyers will be back at the Domed Nest to face The T. Ocho Show (yes, that’s really the name of their show on Versus) and the Cincinnati Bengals @ 1. Let’s RISE UP!


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