Everytime they get me up and going, they do things like lose the division lead by being nearly swept on the road by THE PITTSBURHG PIRATES! REALLY, ATLANTA, REALLY??

Just when you think the Braves two major problems– Chipper being out for the year and their awful road play
(31-41 road record–horrendous)– will never catch up with them because we are doing this for Bobby, they lose their lead to a surging and healthy Philadelphia Phillies and are now in a wild card hunt. They began a four game series last night against a St. Louis Cardinals team that find themselves 5 games behind the Cincy Reds in the NL Central. They, too, are looking to make a push towards their division and possibly the wild card. The Braves are currently 80-61, and their schedule until the end of the season is tough, with two out of their last three series against the Phillies.

Talk about fighting for the division until the bitter end.

Derek Lee provided the little run support last night with a two run homer agaisnt St. Louis. (photo from AJC.COM)

Tonight, they will throw Mike Minor (3-0, 5.33 ERA) up against one of the best in the NL, and Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter (15-5, 2.90 ERA). Hopefully we will get into the winning swing of things since we are at Turner Field, where the games are sold out for the whole weekend (RECORD AT HOME: 49-20). Their lackluster play on the road and at home has left me frightened that we won’t make the playoffs. Just when I was ready to post my 2010 MLB PLAYOFFS Rankings and Predictions, the Braves have made me want to wait until the last week of the regular season.

Maybe Roy Halladay and Roy Oswald will quit the Phillies or something.

1. Phillies
2. Braves (1 game back)
3. Florida
3. NY Mets
5. Washington

1. Braves
2. San Franscisco (1 game back)
3. Colorado
4. St. Louis (5.5 games back)
5. Florida


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