Before I start this, I just want to say as a student at UGA, like many of  my friends, we know what we can and cannot do. We are young adults, and for the most part, our parents raised us right. My momma, grandparents, and uncles raised me right. One thing they all have said is don’t do anything stupid enough to get yourself arrested. My siblings and I have maintained that.

So, with 8 arrests of UGA football players since March of this year, the eighth coming early Friday morning when running back Washaun Ealey hit a parked vehichle in one of the East Campus parking deck and left the scene of a crime because he knew — like UGA police and the rest of us would soon find out– because he had a suspended liscense. He was arrested and charged of such crimes, and later released on bond. It is fair to say that kids make mistakes. I make them all of the time. And being 22, I am not saying I know it all, but coming from a moderately intelligent individual, I don’t care if you are on scholarship or not, you can’t do that and think you will get away with it. Especially if there are witnesses. Especially if you aren’t even driving your own car.

So with that being said, why are athletes on my beautiful campus, with now 7 DAYS until college football kicks off think that they are above. Young people between the ages of 18-24 have a bad reputation for thinking that they are invincible. And from the arrest logs from Downtown Athens every weekend are an indication of that. But the more I read the newspapers, to hearing these guys in class or walking the campus, or pushing people out of the way to grab a bus instead of nearly hitting people with their scooters (I wonder how they get scooters???) the few that are known as student athletes must think they are titans amongs demi gods and mere mortals. And we allow them to think that way.

As a struggling student, just praying to graduate and find my path to a sports journalism career, I wonder how people so blessed, so remarkably talented, can take it for granted, putting their paths on the line, stupid mistake after stupid mistake. It really grinds my gears to see some of these student athletes, mostly football players and definitely not all of them, make such poor decisions. This season, I am pulling for Trinton Sturdivent, one of our offensive linemen. He hasn’t been able to play for the past two seasons after being a 2007 Pre Season All American after his play as a true freshman from two season ending and devestating knee injuries. All reports show that he will be able to play this season. I know him from a class, and have talked to him on and off when we spot each other on campus. Genuinely nice, smart, intelligent guy, who knows that there’s more than life than football, and knows that he is talented enough in football to make a name out for himself. I really like guys like that; guys that understand this is a privedge, not a rite, to play college football. I know CMR tells them that much.

And with Ealey suspended for the first game against Lousiana Lafayette, CMR is showing how truly tired and irritated this is to him.


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