Anyone that knows me, knows that I love sports. Growing up in the 1990s and as a Braves fan, there is no one I love more than number 10, Chipper Jones.Best switch-hitter of his generation, first ballot Hall of Famer when his time comes (hopefully I will be a voting sports writer by the time he is eligible!). He is easily the first man (outside of the family) that I have ever loved. I still want to marry him…

So be-still my beating heart when in the 6th inning last night, trying to turn a double play that Chipper injured his left knee during a 4-2 win against the Houston Astros. NOOOOOOOOO!!


While he limped off the field on his own (atta boy), Chipper was diagnosed with a sprained left knee, but nothing will be certain until they arrive in Atlanta tomorrow and he has an MRI. What they have ruled out as of today: it is NOT a tear of any of the ligaments on or around the left knee (whooo!).

Note: Chipper HAS torn ligaments in the left knee –> in 1994, Chipper torn the ACL at the end of spring training during his rookie season. He was out for the year then, debuting in 1995. Listening to the pre-game show from the Atlanta Braves Radio Network (right now), these guys are saying that while his knee is “stiff” he isn’t experiencing any significant swelling, and none of the symptoms he is experiencing are as severe as those he suffered in 1994, when he did tear the ACL in his knee. Now, I know I am, along with die-hard Braves fans everywhere, that this scene is not the end of Chipper Jones’ AMAZING career. In the past 43 games, and beginning when he addressed the media about retirement rumors, Chipper’s hitting has really come along, hitting .307, with 11 doubles, and 7 home runs. Some of his at-bats have definitely helped us stay ahead of the second place- Philedelphia Phillies, who have cut what was a seven game lead in the division three weeks ago, to a 2 1/2 game lead as of right now.

More on this when the MRI results come out tomorrow. The Braves play the Astros in the rubber game of their series in Houston, first pitch is @ 2:05 EST.

For more info on Chipper’s injury and what he has to say about it, check out these articles from the ajc.com amazing writers:


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