And you know the Southern Fried Sports Girl is all over it here in lovely Athens, where yes, it is as hot as Georgia can get this time of year.

Hope things look this promising this year as Tech visits the Hedges in 2010 for some good ole fashioned HATE! Shout out to all of my Techies! (From AJC.COM AJC photo by Brant Sanderlin)

New this week is news of the first coaches preseason poll, From USA Today, has Georgia ranked at No. 21 out of the 25 teams it has ranked. The current number one is the current National Champions and SEC West juggernaut Alabama (who received 55 out of 59 first place votes), with a Tebow-less Florida ranked number three, and Ohio State sandwiched between them at number two. Other SEC teams in the top 25 are LSU at #16, Arkansas at #19, and Auburn at #23. Georgia Tech is ranked #17. Who knows why. While I REALLY like Paul Johnson as a coach (I have to admit, he is damn good) their beast of defensive end is in the NFL, and Mark Bradley and I both think these numbers between in-state rivals should be reversed (for prove of Mark Bradley’s genius, click here: 


With a week before school about to kick off for the Fall semester and all of my classmates and newcomers come back and crowd the streets of the Classic City with out-out-town license plates, you know students are waiting for the e-mail to let us know when we can buy our tickets to get all dolled up and go scream our lungs out with the 92,000+ out there Between The Hedges.

God, I love football. Almost as much as I love baseball…well, just as much.

I work near their practice fields, and see them walking up the street from back and forth, and they are always in practice gear, and always look like they are preparing for a lot of hard work on and off the practice field. Just general observation.

Click here to listen to CMR’s post practice press conference from Saturday, as the team practiced in full pads for the first time this week on August 7th (from georgiadogs.com):


In the coming weeks: An expanded Georgia Bulldawg 2010 Football Seaon Preview, complete with all of the news, facts, depth cart and everything else members of the Bulldawg Nation will need to get in gear to root on our Dawgs this year!

Stay tuned with The Southern Fried Sports Girl and Goooooooooo Dawgs!

Sources used for this blog are from the following sites: ajc.com, georgiadogs.com, usatoday.com


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