Greetings from the greatest college town in the state of Georgia, and perhaps in all of the United States, Athens, Ga, and as I sit from my living room typing this to you on a Wednesday afternoon, I can see the stadium from my house! Yes, that’s right, I can see Sanford Stadium from my apartment. (Picture to prove it soon!

It’s 31 days until football season kicks off in Athens, as our boys in silver britches kick off the 2010 football season against Louisiana-Lafayette.  It’s been a most exciting off-season in Athens, with arrests seeming to clutter up an otherwise lifeless period between the G-Day game and fall practice, which started Monday. Now, I have vented aloud my beef with former AD Damon Evans, and every time I think about it, it makes me angry, so we won’t go there, nevertheless, I hope on September 4th, someone we KNOW wouldn’t drink and drive and think it’s okay (on my Facebook, somewhere, I posted the police report and articles from the AJC.COM, Evans made him and those red panties in his lap look more and more foolish every time he drunkenly fumbled his words!) come onto our jumbo-tron and shakes their finger at us telling us “You drink, you drive, you lose”. Take it from Damon, hell yeah, you lose.

Moving on, Georgia is flying pretty low on the radar this season. I have heard that our Dawgs are classified as a middle of the row SEC team, and on several rankings I have seen, projected to finish second behind Florida in the SEC East. This is how I see it, with their schedule as is (The 2010 Georgia Football Preview Blog will come later this month!), Georgia could fly under the radar and make waves in the SEC without being noticed until AT LEAST our annual October meeting with the Volunteers in Athens on October 9th. By then, at the very least, we could be 4-2, very best 6-0 (I am pulling for 6-0), but with a young quarterback having most people worried, this is why I feel like Aaron Murray will be left upright to throw it to A.J. Green, Aron White, or whoever else he throws the pigskin to this year: FINALLY, an experienced battle tested offensive line. Maybe something Joe Cox could have used, an offensive line who was together consistently, with another year of experience under their belts, this offensive line knows what is at stake. If they get Murray hurt or knocked out for any significant period of time, they will have to go to a quarterback who is just as inexperienced. They know most of these SEC defensive lines very well, and they know they have to prove themselves through consistently matching up play for play with defensive lines as their SEC schedule gets tougher (i.e. every game AFTER South Carolina). I have read and heard rumblings of Trinton Sturdivant coming back and POSSIBLY being ready for the season (I read on AJC.COM yesterday that he was wearing a green non-contact jersey, Here it is–>http://blogs.ajc.com/uga-sports-blog/2010/08/03/dogs-offensive-line-is-challenged-weve-got-to-be-dominant/?cxntfid=blogs_uga_sports_blog). Either, way, my best bet is that by the beginning of October, Aaron Murray and the offensive line will be getting more praise than the defense and the new schemes of the new defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham.

I am going to have to save my Bulldog predictions and long winded blogs for blogs of their own. I could go on all day…

That was just a little taste of what I will be giving to this blog. I am moderately to highly aware of sports and what’s going on, and my sports knowledge is pretty high. I would give it an 8, you would have to ask people who talk sports with me what they think, but who cares. In other words, these are my opinions, based on the facts, or news reports I read obsessively to better my sports knowledge. I am always desiring and striving to know more about sports. To be a sports journalist, you have to know what you’re talking about –> and like in most things, you have to have experience, knowledge, ability, drive, and all of that jazz. If I am misinformed, just let me know. Don’t be a jerk about it, because I don’t like jerks. This is a blog completely ran by me, so if you have any ideas, always feel free to e-mail me @ tanitaagaither@gmail.com. This blog is for anyone who loves sports and wants to talk about them until they are blue in the face. So enjoy and thanks for visiting!



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